Change is here to stay – Embrace IT! Over the years, HR departments have changed enormously. In fact, during the last 5-7 years alone, HR has undergone a revolution.

The personnel department has been fired!

15 years ago, the HR department’s most important function was to keep records, arrange Christmas parties, ensure that regulations were followed, and determine salaries & compensation packages. But thanks to technology, which has automated a great part of the work traditionally done by HR professionals, today’s HR departments don’t look anything like the ones that were predominant even 5 years ago.

Disruption – A Well known word in most HR Departments

Today we have technologies, that can automate payroll and streamline various HR processes, platforms to simplify the recruiting process and also talent management systems to ensure and determine the right training opportunities for employees. 

All of this allows HR departments to focus on engaging employees instead of wasting FTEs on personnel management and administrative tasks. Today you will find that HR departments spend their time managing employee engagement, strengthening the culture, and building the right structure to support the business strategy. This is done to ensure, that employees are more likeable to stay in their current jobs.

Despite the progress seen in the last decade, companies and HR departments often tend to be hesitant towards these new technologies. Especially HR leaders may be hesitant to embrace new HR technologies simply because they fear they will ultimately be putting themselves out of work.

Engaging employees is the key…

Engaged employees are happier at work not only take better care of the clients but they are also more productive than those employees that are not engaged.
But the fact is that most employees today are not engaged at work. Nearly 7 out of 10 employees don’t love their jobs and aren’t willing to go above and beyond ever. So when HR departments today focus on increasing engagement, it comes with a wide range of benefits. HR departments will see an increase in the quality of the work, employees will be more positive, fewer days when employees call in sick and they are more helpful. In other words, Increasing engagement helps you build a much more connected and supportive team. 

Perhaps the new name for HR Departments will be Engagement Department?

Why it’s beneficial to strengthen Company Culture

Culture is the factor that has the biggest effect on employee happiness. The stronger and more evident a culture is, the more likely employees are to be happy at work. Because happiness is directly related to productivity, companies will be wise to focus a lot of their energy on strengthening and improving the company’s culture. 

New HR technology has made it very easy and simple to measure whether employees are happy with company culture. The result of a pulse survey – for example – is able to tell if employees think that a new program or initiative is successful or if it’s making employees feel overworked and stressed. This data is very helpful in order to tell if a company is heading in the right direction or needs to adjust. The data is there – You just need to track it and utilize it strategically.

Talent management

If you want to keep your best employees around, it’s crucial to ensure, that they are given the opportunity to acquire new skills and learn new things. 
Despite the fact, that today’s employees are highly interested in having opportunities to develop and grow at their companies, only 25-30% of employees think they’re offered sufficient opportunities for career development in their current job.

Thanks to new HR technologies it is now easier than ever to ensure that employees are given the opportunity for development, they so eagerly demand. Talent management systems, for example, enable HR to easily keep track of everything from recruiting and performance management to learning and development and compensation management. In other words; All data that’s needed to make sure, that employees are given the right opportunities for their further development.

Two choices – Either you do, or you don´t

As described, HR has changed quite remarkably over the last decade partly due to the Business strategy formulating other requirements for HR Leaders, the Board of Directors recognizing the Human X factor when it comes to creating successful companies and partly Technology driven development (disruption). 

Instead of being afraid about which consequences new technologies can have on HR departments and the professionals working there, companies would be wise to embrace these technologies and new tools, enabling them to build even stronger and diversified companies.

Rather than spending time on recordkeeping and other administrative tasks, professional HR departments in 2023 focus on engaging employees and with that as ground zero building an even stronger company. Organizations that embrace this modern approach to HR, will have employees that are happier, customers will also be happier and more loyal – and finally a healthier bottom line.

Change is here to stay
– Embrace IT!

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