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Senior HR Interim Consultants – Do you have the Skills?

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A career in interim management takes more than a track record of delivery at senior level. You will need to transfer your own professional experience and skills with a set of important attributes, which aren’t necessarily unique to a role as an interim manager but are essential if you want to establish a successful career in the role of Senior Interim Consultant. 

Could you become a Senior HR Interim Consultant?

Continuous improvement and change management skills

Do you find yourself continually questioning how things could be better? Are you not happy with the status quo, even if the status quo is proving positive?

Effective communication skills

The ability to deliver clear messages to a wide variety of audiences is an essential skill, particularly when it comes to challenging existing attitudes and systems. Interim managers need to meet challenging leadership situations with a combination of sensitivity and seriousness so they can involve themselves properly.

Strategic mindset

As an interim executive, you’ll be required to engage in strategic thinking, looking at the organisation as a whole and considering the best approach to achieve the greatest long-term benefits.

Flexibility and adaptability

Can you roll with the punches, not being fazed by uncertainty and ambiguity, reading between the lines and being as comfortable rolling up your sleeves as operating in the in presence of Senior Executives are all required to be a successful interim manager.

Outcome focused

Interim managers are focused on delivering results with long-term benefits and are paid on the understanding that goals and objectives will be achieved. 
To be a successful interim HR Executive you’ll need to learn to blank out the noise and focus on the outcomes that you’ve pledged to achieve in order to deliver the success of your assignment.

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If are you looking to elevate your career within HR and have a well-established track record preferably with a minimum of 5 years of HR experience and a relevant educational background, then check out our open job vacancies.

Please note that not all our open HR positions will be published, hence some of the assignments we are undertaking are confidential. If you want to bring yourself forward and make sure you have our attention, then please share your CV etc. with us.

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