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Nordic HR People is a highly specialized Consulting Boutique focusing on delivery of senior HR professionals in the Nordics.

Behind Nordic HR People is a team of professionals who have worked with HR and recruitment for more than 20 years.

We can match the right candidates with the right companies more flexibly, faster and more efficient than most consultancies. We understand the HR Resource market, we have one focus area and we have the right network.

Nordic HR People has one focus area. We provide Nordic companies with skilled and highly motivated HR professionals, and we attract and engage the best candidates to our network on daily basis. This means that at very short notice we can provide relevant HR candidates via perm or interim recruitment services.

For companies

We solve your recruitment challenges

To support your business, we have made it easy and flexible for you to recruit the best candidates. We offer different types of help for recruitment:

Search & Selection

We select candidates on the basis of both passive and proactive recruitment processes, in depth interviews, gathering of references and propose relevant candidates for the position in your organization.


We offer interim employment, where competent and results-oriented HR professionals are actively involved in the organization for a shorter or longer period. An interim HR professional can add the necessary skills when you need it and can be tasked to perform concrete short-term or long-term HR-projects.

Executive Search

We attract and engage candidates via headhunting and actively seek out candidates who are otherwise not actively looking for another career opportunity. We will marketer the position & organization and engage interested candidates and carry out a thorough vetting process.
For Candidates

Are you looking for the right HR job?

Are you an HR professional with at least five years of relevant experience? Are you looking for new challenges? If so, please reach out to us.
Nordic HR People collaborates with some of the Nordics’ most interesting companies and offers a variety of challenging HR positions at senior levels. You can visit the list of relevant jobs for senior HR professionals or upload your CV in the database. Then you are well on your way to finding a job that matches your needs for development with your talents.

Vacancies for HR professionals

Get an overview of the most interesting jobs in HR and apply for the positions. It’s easy and effective, because you can upload your CV by linking to your profile on LinkedIn.

Join our Database / Network

Upload your CV in our exclusive database for HR professionals and please reach out to us via our LinkedIn profiles. We will then contact you when we have a position that matches your profile. You can upload your CV or by linking to your LinkedIn profile.

Hiring the wrong HR person is expensive and can have a huge impact

With our 20+ years of experience, we are able to keep tabs on developments in the HR area, which has gone from being pure personnel administration to being a business-oriented and strategic dialogue partner. By keeping up to date with the requirements for HR professionals and by being aware of the specific needs of your company, we know exactly which profiles are needed to complete the team in your company: A team that supports the organization in running a profitable business and making sure that your HR processes are carried out seamlessly and on time.

Nordic HR People are experts in finding the right HR candidates

Behind Nordic HR People are some of Denmark’s leading experts in HR and recruitment. In our extensive database, we have the most value adding HR professionals in the Nordics, covering a wide range of companies, industries and functions – from C-level to HR professionals with seven years’ experience (e.g., human resources officer, people business partner, human resources manager, head of people, director of people). We are truly passionate about HR and Talent Acquisition, and we deliver tailored solutions to companies that need help finding the right candidate. Our network currently consists of 25.000 + Nordic senior professionals.

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Let´s talk