Meticulous & transparent executive search

Our process is research-led as well as network based in our pursuit to leave no stone unturned to find the very best executive HR talent.

Focus is paramount

Our dedicated team of industry-leading Research Consultants work on only a few assignments at a time, allowing them to dedicate their skill, knowledge, time, and complete attention to your project.

Our in-depth insight allows us to meticulously evaluate candidates’ fitness, both objectively and subjectively for your organization. The blend of specific candidate market mapping, proactive attraction and assessment enables Nordic HR People Staff to provide HR Professionals at all levels who can help drive your HR business and fulfil your aims and objectives.

Our consultants have a robust generalist and specialist knowledge of the HR industry and a comprehensive understanding of all functions.

The combination of competent consultants with extensive business understanding, an HR-relevant track record and proven, well-documented processes results in a high success rate.

From inception to completion

We provide direction and supervision at all stages post-shortlist.

Our process includes the management and content of interviews; 1st stage, 2nd stage meetings and beyond to make sure we have the most suitable candidate for your company.

We offer our clients access to their entire candidate pipeline with innovative real-time platform service. Furthermore, through our innovative systems, we are able to manage the entire process of all assignments from inception through to completion. We support our clients right through the entire employment journey and ensure the right candidates help make the largest impact for our clients.

Psychometric tests are optional

We include optional psychometrics with fully qualified members of staff, typically at a second interview.

Tailor-made processes
and NOT off the rack

Every assignment is based upon a tailor-made process taking your particulars in mind. The only way we can meet your expectations is by reframing with off-the-rack services and by truly understanding your challenges and DNA. 

If you are looking for an off-the-rack process and provider – then we are not your ideal partner.

Reach out to us

We are always open for an initial and confidential dialogue to assess whether we are your ideal partner for your assignment or not.

We offer recruitment process from A to Z. This entitles that we will ensure:

Let´s talk

Let´s talk