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In a world where digital presence is crucial, LinkedIn is introducing a groundbreaking feature that can change the game for companies and job seekers. But is your company ready to take advantage of this new opportunity?

Introduction to LinkedIn's "Messages for Pages"

LinkedIn’s “Messages for Pages” allows companies to receive and manage direct messages from potential candidates. This feature opens up a new form of dialogue between companies and talented professionals, making it easier than ever to build relationships and attract the right employees.

How does it work?

When the feature is activated on your company page, LinkedIn users can send messages directly to your page. These messages land in your company’s inbox, where they can be viewed and responded to by your page administrators.

Is your company prepared?

  • Assign the right employees as administrators.
  • Ensure that the right employees in your organization have access to view and respond to messages. This may include your HR department, recruitment team, or specific managers.
  • Establish a communication strategy.
  • Develop a strategy for how your company will handle incoming messages. This includes response time, tone, and the type of information to be shared.
  • Train your team.
  • Ensure that those responsible for handling messages are properly trained in LinkedIn’s tools and your company’s communication policies.
  • Protect sensitive information.
  • Be aware of security and confidentiality, especially when handling personal information from candidates.


Opportunities and challenges

 This new feature brings both opportunities and challenges. It provides a direct line to potential candidates but also requires a thoughtful approach to communication and data protection. Are you ready to incorporate this communication channel for your candidates?

LinkedIn’s “Messages for Pages” is an exciting development for companies looking to strengthen their recruitment efforts. By preparing your company and your team, you can ensure that you are ready to fully leverage this new feature. As always, assistance is available through the LinkedIn Help Function.


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